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Tokyo is one of my favorites cities to visit. The colorful, organized, and even the kawaii culture also apply to the food there. Most people assume it's hard to be vegan in Japan, but I'm here to prove your wrong!

The vegan scene in Tokyo is growing every year. I’m always excited to try all the new restaurants in town.

Here are my vegan food highlights in Tokyo:

– COCO Ichibanya ( Curry House Chain, everywhere ) – Zen Okonomiyaki – Chipoon – Soranoiro – Ain Soph. Ripple – Botanist – Mr.Farmer – CITRON – PARATACO – HIDEOUT – Ain Soph. Journey – Flunky Parlor – Baskin Robbins – COCONUT GLEN’s – Futaba Fruits Parlor

– Restaurant 8ablish – Elle Cafe – Alfred Tea Room – Sky High – Good Town Doughnuts – The Little Bakery Tokyo – Trueberry – Hanada Rosso – Organic Table by Lapaz – Fabius Cafe (CLOSED) – Ain Soph. Ripple – Wired Bonbon – Hemp Cafe Tokyo – Marugo Deli Ebisu – Taiyaki Hiiragi – Vegan Cafe – Blu Jam Cafe – Ballon

– Mr.Farmer  – Soranoiro – Brown Rice Cafe – Loving Hut – Milan Nataraj – Sasaya Cafe – Ain Soph Journey – Coco Ichibanya – Nagi Shokudo – T’s Tan Tan

If you love drinking coffee latte, check out this one

– Doutor (everywhere)– Tully’s Coffee (several stores)– Starbucks (everywhere)– Starbucks Reserve Roastery – Segafredo Zanetti Espresso (several stores)– Streamer Coffee Company (Shibuya, Harajuku, Kayabacho)– Double Tall Coffeebar – About Life Coffee Brewers – Garden House Crafts – Foru Cafe – COCONUT GLEN’S – Goodtown Doughnuts – CITRON – Ain Soph. Journey

Hope this is helpful~

For more Tokyo vegan food content, check out this playlist: TOKYO VEGAN VLOGS Also check out: OSAKA VEGAN VLOGS KYOTO VEGAN VLOGS

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